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Benefits of calisthenics exercises

Calisthenics exercises are exercises which use one's body weight as resistance, rather than weights, dumbbells, etc. Unfortunately not many people incorporate calisthenics exercises into their routine nowadays, so I've decided to list a few advantages that calisthenics exercises provide.

1. Calisthenics exercises are all compound movements, meaning they work more than 1 muscle at once. Compound movements have proven to pack on much more muscle and strength than isolation exercises (ie: bicep curls) . Not only that, but using compound movements ensures that you build muscles evenly so you will not have disproportionate muscles.

2. Calisthenics exercises resemble natural movements we use every day. Take the squat for example, the movement resembles sitting and standing. Therefore doing calisthenics exercises will not only develop fitness and strength, but aid us with everything we do.

3. Calisthenics exercises help protect you from possible injuries. Specifically in the joints, the spine or lower back, and muscles.

4. Calisthenics improves your motor skills, balance and coordination. It can also benefit you psychologically, reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and boosting your self esteem.

5. Calisthenics is more convenient. If you don't have access to a gym, or don't want to buy weights, calisthenics can still be done to build muscle. Not only that, but they can be done anywhere anytime, which is huge benefit if you have an erratic schedule.

6. Calisthenics exercises increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism means more calories are burnt through the day. Couple this with a healthy diet, and you can lose heaps of weight.

These are only a few of the various benefits that calisthenics, or all exercises for that matter, provide you with. Remember to consult your physician before you go onto any routine and couple your exercises routine with a healthy diet high in protein (Fish, Lean meats, chicken), complex carbs(Oats, vegetables, wholegrain bread), healthy fats (Olive oil, peanuts, avocado) to ensure that you keep yourself as healthy as possible

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Top 5 calisthenics exercises you should incorporate into your routine

Calisthenics exercises are exercises using only body weight as resistance. When done right and incorporated into your routine, calisthenics exercises can develop heaps of strength and pack on muscle evenly across your body. Here are the 5 best calisthenics exercises to get your body working! If you'd like to see more info, check out

Push up

The basic push up is known by pretty much everyone. It primarily works the chest and triceps, however hand placement can make it possible to focus on just triceps or just the chest. If push ups are too hard to do at first, start off with your hands on an elevated platform. As push ups start to become to easy, add
resistance by putting your feet on an elevated platform.


The squat is one of the most important exercises you should do. The squat works pretty much the entire lower body and your core muscles. When done right, it will develop your lower back muscles which are vital to protecting and stabilizing your spine. Squats are easy to perform without weights since they resemble natural movement we use in our every day lives. If squats become too easy, you can hold dumbbells with your arms out in front. If you don't want to use the dumbbells, you can do pistols, which are 1 legged squats and so much tougher.


The dip is another great exercises, albeit a little harder to do at first. The dip works the chest and triceps like the push up, however it is still a great exercise which needs to be done. To do the dips, 2 parallel bars are needed. If you'd like to add resistance, place weights or anything heavy in between your legs.


The plank is an amazing exercise for the core. This exercise easily beats the sit ups, which is why I left them out of this list. To get into position lie down in prone position which should resemble a push up, except the forearms are in direct contact with the ground. There are no reps on this exercise, you just have to hold your body as still and straight as possible.

Chin up

The chin up is unfortunately one of only a few calisthenics exercises which work the back. It primarily works the lats, back, and biceps. All that's needed is a bar, rail, or even a tree trunk to grip onto. Some people have trouble performing a rep or 2 in the beginning. If you can't do 3 reps, begin with 'negative' chin ups, where you start at the top of the movement and slowly lower yourself down. There are heaps more back strengthening exercises you can do.

There are many more exercises you can do, however if you include these in your workout you are sure to have a balanced workout and develop heaps of muscle.